Storyteller: Michael Stein (Narrator, "Birdnote") A small sampling of recent work from the Northwest-Based Lucky Dragon Studio. For details on the over 700 episodes of "Birdnote" Michael has narrated, as well as other material, contact info is a behind-the-scenes video visit to "Birdnote". Clients also include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, and Holland-America Lines. Contact: (206)300-7523 uuuuu  Fly like a...say what? Yes! Ben Franklin apparently had a very different idea of just WHO should be the Big Bird of these United States.
uuuuu Microsoft--Summer 2017: Hot Town, Summer in the City.
uuuuu Nice to see you--join us for an In-Studio visit in Seattle:
Today's tip: Keep your Promise.
uuuuu AWS: Good Medicine.
uuuuu Sugar, yes. But: It has to be the RIGHT Sugar...
uuuuu Thank you. Talk with you soon. LUCKY DRAGON Studio (206)300-7523 ACTORS GROUP/ Jamie Lopez (206)427-7449